Friday, 12 June 2015

Assist-2-Sell Pensacola - Local Attractions

Assist-2-Sell Pensacola and its team of real estate professionals have been helping clients buy and sell homes in the Pensacola area for more than fifteen years, and they are good at what they do. Clients appreciate them for making the extra effort to make each real estate transaction a successful one.

The Assist-2-Sell agents and brokers often act as unofficial city boosters when they show properties to people who are relocating to Pensacola and know little about this westernmost city in the Florida panhandle. An attraction that never fails to catch the eye is the Futuro House on Pensacola Beach.
The Futuro House, known to some locals as the UFO house, is one of one hundred prefabricated houses built during the late 1960s and early 1970s. It's made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester plastic and other synthetics.  "The UFO house on Pensacola Beach has been there as long as I can remember," one resident said, "and I grew up in the Florida Panhandle."

On the more serious side, Assist-2-Sell Pensacola Realtors like to show off the Pensacola Museum of Art, who’s Permanent Collection consists of mostly 20th and 21st century works by international, national, and local artists. New York artist Nathan Sawaya has a sculpture made entirely of Lego bricks on display there, and Pensacola artist Nina Fritz has an exhibit she calls Sketches of Spain and depict the painted memories of the artist and her travels through Spain. All told, there are more than four hundred works in the museum's permanent collection.

Assist-2-Sell Pensacola - Discount Brokerage

Assist-2-Sell Pensacola has been helping real estate clients buy and sell homes in the greater Pensacola, Florida area for more than fifteen years. Their team of licensed and experienced real estate agents and brokers are among the most professional, well-trained and ethical real estate practitioners.
Assist-2-Sell Pensacola is a full service, discount brokerage, and James Rember says that there are a number of things that distinguish the agency from traditional real estate companies. "The most obvious difference between Assist -2-Sell and traditional real estate companies lies in the commission structure," he says. "Traditional firms typically charge home sellers a high commission that is a percentage of the sale price." An example of this, he explains, is six percent. “Assist-2-Sell Pensacola office offers an opportunity for the seller to pay a low, flat fee commission." That could be as low as $2,995.00.

Assist-2-Sell Pensacola office is staffed by real estate professionals who are members of the National Association of Realtors, he adds, as well as local Realtor associations. "They take care of everything a home seller would need from a real estate company, but typically charge a lower commission," James Rember says. "It's called Full Service with $avings, Full Service for Less, and Results with $avings," all of which are registered trademarks of the company.
James Rember says that whether a client is in a seller's market, a buyer's market, or a foreclosure market, Assist-2-Sell Pensacola is ready to help them get the job done.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Assist-2-Sell Pensacola - Finding an Agent

Assist-2-Sell Pensacola is one of the leading Real Estate companies in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties. They work with clients who are selling and buying homes, and have a team of fully licensed and experienced brokers and real estate agents. They also specialize in selling REO/Foreclosure properties and list for an array of institutions who have selected, Assist-2-Sell Pensacola, as their agent of choice.

Assist-2-Sell Pensacola, owner James Rember, says that a well-run real estate business such as his has a number of daily administrative tasks. It is imperative that all agents and brokers keep up with the local and regional market, and stays on top of active, pending and sold listings. The agents plan and coordinate appointments and other meetings, develop marketing plans for listings, and create a wide range of promotional material such as fliers and newsletters.

The Assist-2-Sell Pensacola professionals know from years of experience just how fiercely competitive the real estate market is. And so attracting clients is a critical part of the job. Each agent works hard to establish himself or herself in a particular niche of the local real estate market and spread the word about their expertise. Basically everyone that they meet is a potential client, because virtually everyone buys or sells a home at some point in their lives.

Assist-2-Sell Pensacola agents and brokers are constantly demonstrating their market knowledge, marketing abilities, and their skills at negotiation, as they meet with and understand the needs of sellers with new listings. And they are constantly researching listing services for the properties that might fit the needs of their clients. It is an extraordinarily demanding and busy profession but one that the Assist-2-Sell Pensacola agents do extraordinarily well.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Assist-2-Sell Pensacola - Committed to Clients

Assist-2-Sell Pensacola has been serving clients in both Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties located in the Florida panhandle for more than fifteen years. They are committed to helping clients who are selling their homes offering Full Service with $avings and clients who are looking to purchase a home as a primary residence, 2nd home or investment property.   Their agents are also well versed and experienced in the foreclosure market, with a team of experienced professionals who work tirelessly for each client.

"We have been in business here for over fifteen years, through good times and bad" say the Assist-2-Sell Pensacola owners. "What makes us unique is our Commission Structure for Home Sellers.  We can and do save [our clients] money when selling their homes. We have never charged an up-front fee for our full services and never will." The company's real estate brokers and agents keep up with local and regional market activity and industry news in order to provide each client with the most knowledgeable and up-to-date information they need as they proceed. They also research the active, pending, and sold listings in the area and review daily the local activity to ensure that their clients have the information necessary to make the best, most informative decisions. "We belong to the National Association of Realtors as well as the MLS boards [in] Pensacola, Emerald Cost, and Baldwin County, Alabama."

Assist-2-Sell Pensacola owner James Rember says he and his real estate team are committed to being the best real estate company in their area.  As he knows, attracting clients is crucial to the success of his business, and he and the rest of the company's agents work hard to market themselves and generate new leads through networking and building professional relationships.